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Dan's Day1 -> Day2 Visualization

I collected one day gains of the S&P 500 going back 30 years.

After I collected these gains, I copied them into an array called day1.

For each gain in day1, I got a corresponding gain for the day after day1.

I copied these corresponding gains into an array called day2.

The blue histogram shows the frequencies of gains for day1.

After you click a blue bar, the page uses a green histogram to display frequencies of gains for day2.

For example if day1 has a gain of -2.0%, the gains for day2 follow a positive bias.

The red dot shows most recent gain.

The red dot helps you ask questions:

You should click a blue bar under the red dot.

Bar Number (1 Bar spans 0.33%)

The chart below aggregates 16 of the above green histograms.

The chart below shows negative correlation between day1-gain and day2-gain.

It tells me to buy when day1 falls more than 0.3%.

If day1 gains more than 0.0% I should expect day2 to gain less than the median.

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